Linepost Standard Products Overview

Linepost systems are robust, reliable and easy to use. Post and wall system kits are available and also individual accessories.
Some of the key features are indicated below:

  • Choice of 3 Post Lengths:

    2.5m (8 ft) above ground level,   
    3m (10 ft) above ground level,

    3.7m (12 ft) above ground level
  • Made from Mild steel circular hollow section CHS Grade S235.
  • All posts are fitted with a line cleat for wrapping line wire and pulley hook eye for fixing single line pulleys.
  • Optional post strengths available - Standard Duty (48mm DIAMETER) and Heavy Duty (60mm DIAMETER) used for longer distance between posts of 6m or for heavy linen.
  • Optional 1 piece posts (fixed in ground) and 2 piece (removable post) systems available.
  • Posts are finished in galvanised steel or powder coated paint. Custom colours on request.
  • Full installation instructions are provided.
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Post Specifications

Note:  1 piece 'Post Length' includes'below ground' length (recommended 0.7m)
See diagram below:

Post Fixing Type

There are two options for fixing the washing line post:

  • 1 piece post fixed directly in the ground, or
  • 2 piece system where the top post is removable from a 'ground post set below ground:
Note: Dimension 'A' below ground recommended length 0.7m

1 Piece Type Linepost (fixed)   2 Piece Type Linepost
(removable top post)
1 piece post fixing   ground post 2 piece post fixing
With the 1 piece type linepost the top post is permanently set into the ground with concrete mix as illustrated.
Full installation instructions are provided.
  With the 2 piece Linepost, the top post screws into a bottom ground post which allows you the freedom to remove the top post when required. This type requires an additional ground post as shown.
Full installation instructions are provided.


Our linepost sets include single line pulleys.
These have strong cast steel outer bodies and 32mm nylon wheels for smooth operation.
Each type is waterproof and available in powder coat painted black, white or galvanised coated.

single line pulley blacksingle line pulley whitesingle line pulley galvanated

Line Wire

Line wire is strong 3 strand PVC coated. It comes in a variety of colours and lengths.

green line wireorange line wirewhite line wireyellow line wireblue line wire

Do you have a Special Requirement?

If our standard products dont exactly fit your needs, or you have a special requirement, Linepost can provide custom built solutions.

Special Build Lineposts and Accessories

Some special builds we have made include:

- Low cleat heights
- Shorter or longer linepost lengths
- Extra pulleys

Just contact us with your specific details and we will provide a quotation.


Linepost Installation

You can choose to install linepost systems yourself, or have them professionally installed by our qualified installers.

...more details on installation

Other Products

Linepost also supply line systems suitable for wall mounting and other accessories.
You can now view and order our full range of products at our on-line shop.

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