Hills Rotary 6 Washing Line


Hills Rotary 6 Washing Line

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Iconic 'Hills Hoist' – widely considered to be the finest rotary clotheslines in the world, the design quality and meticulous craftsmanship are second to none. The Premium range Rotary 6 is Hills' most compact removable clothes hoist, ideal for those with a medium size family.


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Product Description

Robust, durable and aesthetically pleasing, the Rotary 6 washing line is strong, reliable and easy to use. Moreover, it will not just enhance your garden but ensure that your clothes look better, smell better and last longer. Manufactured using a high grade steel and treated for corrosion resistance, the hoist is galvanised with zinc for complete protection from the elements.

Unique features of the Rotary 7 include

  • Compact, 6 line, folding head rotary clothesline – holds double size sheets.
  • Generous 36m of line holds a medium family wash (ideal for 1-3 people).
  • Low loading position – easily winds up for maximum drying efficiency.
  • Stylish ergonomic design; powder coated rust resistant tubing.
  • Needs only 4m diameter garden space; 3m head diameter.
  • Self-retracting line retainer; traditional winding handle mechanism.
  • Assembled and pre-wired, ready to install; ground socket included.
  • Can be removed from the ground socket and stored.
  • Open or closed design geometry meaning no exposed fasteners (for safety).
  • Easy latching and de-latching with internal wax coating for additional protection.
  • No tool requirement for line tensioning.
  • World class engineering plastics resulting in stylish detail throughout.
  • Premium grade polycore line has 22 polyester filaments inside which are braided together and then sheathed in UV stabilised plastic for protection and long life.
  • Line drying versus tumble drying is great for the environment and will save you money as well.
  • 10 year peace of mind guarantee.


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