Post to Post Sets

High Quality Durable Components in Every Set:

  • 2 x Lineposts (length, colour, and strength options available)
  • 2 x Ground Fixing Posts (2 piece systems only)
  • 2 x Single Line Pulleys (colour options available)
  • 1 x Clothes Line (length and colour options available)
  • Installation Instructions are available to download

POST to POST – Washing Line Post Sets – Key Features

  • Choice of Post Lengths: 2.5m (8 ft) above ground level, 3m (10 ft) above ground level, 3.7m (12 ft) above ground level – depending on model.
  • Posts are 60mm Outer Diameter – made from Mild steel circular hollow section CHS Grade S235.
  • All posts are fitted with a Line Cleat for wrapping line wire and pulley Hook Eye for fixing Single Line Pulleys.
  • Two post systems available – Fixed directly into ground (1 piece) and Removable (2 piece screwed together).
  • Posts are finished in galvanised steel or powder coated paint in a selection of colours.
  • All Lineposts are covered with a 5 year warrantee for corrosion of Galvanised finishes, and 1 year on powder coated coloured finishes.
  • Our Post to Post Line Post sets include single line pulleys. These have strong cast steel outer bodies and 32mm nylon wheels for smooth operation. Each type is waterproof and available in powder coat painted black, white or galvanised coated.
  • Clothes line is strong 3 strand PVC coated. It comes in a variety of colours and lengths.
  • Installation instructions are available to download.


Up to 5 Years Guarantee on Lineposts

All galvanised lineposts come with a 5 year guarantee against corrosion and 1 year on powder coated posts.